Club Kids Program

Club Kids Program Information:
Club Kids offers members ages 6-17 a variety of after school activities and the Club's drop-in program provides a safe, social and engaging environment for youth members in their after school hours.

A yearly non-refundable membership fee of $25 is required of all members. This fee allows members ages 6-17 access to the 
Club during Club hours to participate in daily games, learning center, tournaments, open gym, free swim and special events. Membership fees are renewable one year from date of purchase.  Members, ages 6-17, are supervised at the Club. The Club has an open door policy, which means members may go in and out of the building as they please. Parents should limit how far their children can stray from the Club. Children not mature enough to handle this responsibility should enroll in other programs with direct supervision.

Club Kids Members Hours:

Club Kids Program Area Schedule Fall Ages 6-17:  
starts Sept 12
Note: Open Gym schedule is subject to change as a result of inclement weather
Club Kids Questions:
1. Are my children Safe? There are staff members located in all program areas. All Staff have been background checks performed annually and have CPR and first aid training.

2. Can my child go outside? While participating in Club sponsored programs and activities, member ages 6-17 are supervised by Club staff and volunteers. However, the Club has an open door policy, which means that any member may enter or exit the building as they please during open hours. The Club relies on parents to set appropriate limits and grant permission to be on Club grounds. It is imperative that you establish and enforce rules about whether your children may leave the Club alone, or with others. If your children are not allowed to leave the Club alone or with others, please plan to come inside the Club to pick up your children. The Club cannot be responsible for children prior to their arrival at the Club or if they voluntarily leave the Club.

3. What should my child bring to the Club? Children should bring a bathing suit, towel and a snack or money for snacks. Snack machines and drink machines are available. If your child brings money please check the money in at the bank at the front desk. Money can be taken out as needed. Please take all money out at the end of the day. 

4. What shouldn’t my child bring to the Club? Please do not bring expensive items to the Club. The Club is not responsible for lost items.
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