Complaint Procedures

Complaint Procedure:
Copy of Procedures
Arlington Boys & Girls Club
60 Pond Lane, Arlington MA
Complaint Procedure

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, made either verbally or in writing, about the standard of service, actions of the Arlington Boys & Girls Club or its Staff or volunteers affecting an individual or group of members.

To address complaints effectively and efficiently, Club Staff members shall follow the following procedure:

1. Club Staff should listen respectfully to all complaints and ensure that the Club Staff member understands the nature of the issue.

2. It is the policy of the Club that a complaint involving any allegation or suggestion of any inappropriate behavior by staff, personal injury of a member or any breach of the law or Club Policy, including but not limited to the Protection of Children Policy (hereinafter, “Priority Complaint”) must be reported immediately and directly to the Executive Director or, in his absence, the Assistant Director. 

3. In the event of such a Priority Complaint, the Club Staff member should inform the complainant that it is the Club’s policy to refer all Priority Complaints immediately to the Executive Director and ask the complainant to speak directly with the Executive Director or, in his absence, the Assistant Director. If the complainant agrees, the Club Staff member must to contact the Executive Director and/or Assistant Director immediately. Only when the Executive Director is not on site to receive the report should the matter be referred to the Assistant Director. 

4. If the complainant declines to speak with the Executive Director or Assistant Director about a Priority Complaint, the Club Staff member should obtain as much information as possible from the complainant about the event and document the Priority Complaint in writing, as detailed in number 5 below. The Club Staff members should advise the Executive Director about all Priority Complaints immediately.

5. For all complaints, Club Staff members should complete a report in the form attached providing information about the date and time of the complaint, the name and contact information for the Complainant, the nature of the complaint, the date of the event at issue, the name(s) of Club Members or Club Staff at issue, the identity of the staff member who received the complaint.

6. Unless circumstances otherwise warrant, Program and Front Desk staff will handle all non-Priority Complaints. Non-priority complaints that cannot be handled directly by Program or Front Desk staff should be referred to the Assistant Director.

7. The Club Staff member should advise the Executive Director about all non-Priority Complaints as soon as practicable.

8. A log of all complaints will be maintained by Club Staff. The log is not a public document, and will be shared only with authorized Club Staff. The log will reflect a brief description of each complaint, the date of the complaint, the identity of the Club employee who received the complaint and a description of any corrective action taken.

Failure of an employee to act in accordance with this policy shall be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.
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