Club Information

Club Information

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6am-9pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 7am -5pm
Closed Sunday 

Annual Shutdown: Aug-26-Sept 10
Contact Information:
Arlington Boys & Girls Club
60 Pond Lane
Arlington, MA 02474
Phone: 781-648-1617
Inclement Weather Policy:
  1. When Arlington Public Schools have a delayed opening the Club will open at 11:30 AM and conduct afternoon and evening programs as scheduled. The ABC Preschool will be closed for the day.
  2. When Arlington Public Schools are closed the Club will ATTEMPT to open at 11:30 AM and conduct afternoon programs weather permitting.

  1. Club Membership must be current to register for programs.
  2. No notification will be given unless class is cancelled or is full.
  3. Classes may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment. Fees will be returned.
  4. There are no make up classes or refunds for cancellations or absences, mechanical failures or business interruption. More Registration Information >>

Procedure:
All members and guests must sign-in when entering the club.

Club Bank & Snack Bar:
Youth members can deposit any amount of money for the day and withdraw as they need. Money must be withdrawn at days end. Pizza is sold Fridays at 5 PM and Saturdays at 11:30 AM.

Code of Conduct:
- Be honest/act honestly
- Follow Club rules
- Behave in a respectful manner to each other, club staff, volunteers, and visitors
- Respect all property belonging to you, others, and the Club
- Recognize and focus on effort, positive behavior, and excellence
- Honor differences

Violations of the Code of Conduct will follow the three strike policy:
  1. Staff will sit the child down and explain what rule was broken.
  2. Staff will contact parent about child’s behavior.
  3. Child may be suspended depending on the severity of behavior.

The Club's gym, pool and Games room can be rented on an hourly basis. Ideal for birthday parties, indoor soccer, pick-up basketball, scout, school or family functions.  Contact Kevin Flood for more information at 781-648-1617 or

Locker Room Safety Information:
  1. Food, gum, beverages and glass items are NOT allowed in the locker room.
  2. Do NOT stand on the benches.
  3. NO Running or chasing in the Locker Room.
  4. Shower before entering the pool.
  5. Use of a cell phone in any of the locker room areas is NOT allowed.
  6. The Club is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  7. Report all losses or injury to the Front Desk Staff.
  8. Please help to keep our locker rooms looking great by picking up after yourself.
  9. All clothing and equipment must be removed from your locker each day.
  10. All contents removed from daily lockers will be held for period of up to two weeks; unclaimed items will be given to charity.
  11. Daily lockers may not be used to store items overnight. Personal locks will be cut off and discarded and items will be confiscated.

Locker Room access
  1. Children five years of age or younger may enter the locker room of the opposite gender.
  2. Children age six or older are not allowed in the locker room of the opposite gender; the family changing room is available.
  3. Children age six or older may enter the appropriate locker room without adult supervision.
  4. Use of family changing room is encouraged; please see front desk staff for key to use the family changing room.

Family Changing Room Policies
  1. Priority use for the Family Changing Rooms is for families with young children of the opposite sex of the parent, who cannot utilize the locker rooms to assist their children in changing into swim gear.
  2. Please do not leave personal belongings behind when departing the family changing room.
  3. Please see front desk staff for family changing room key.
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