Registration Tips

Registration Tips

Tips to make the registration process flow smoothly:

1) Members MUST have an active membership during the program you are registering for. Please renew your membership AHEAD of time, if needed, to ease the registration process.
*Remember memberships renew from the expiration date, so you will not lose time by renewing early.

2) Make sure you know their username and password before online registration day at 5am. If you do not know your user name and password, we can email you their username and a link to reset their password.

3) You can log on before 5am, however all classes will be listed as "unavailable" and they will NOT be "available" until 5am. At 5am you can add classes to their shopping cart.

4) Parents should know what classes they want to register for prior to logging on. If parents type in the activity code in webtrac under "Shop" "Activity" this is the easiest way to sign up for classes. 

5) Children must be turning the appropriate age for a class within 2 weeks of the start date. The computer will NOT allow parents to register online. Parents must call to have an override for the age restriction. Parents may call as early as 5am.

6) If they have a problem please CALL!  Phones are staffed at 5am! Call 781-648-1617

When registering please be advised there are no make-up classes or refunds for cancellation or absences, weather, mechanical failure, or business interruption. There are also no refunds or credits for classes or memberships.
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